Task Forces


Dutchess County Human Trafficking Task Force

The mission of the Dutchess County task force is to prevent human trafficking by working collaboratively to raise knowledge and awareness in the county, to identify potential victims, and to provide comprehensive trauma-informed services.

Give Way to Freedom President and Founder Courtney Albert has been a leader and active member on the Dutchess County Human Trafficking Task Force for ten years. Courtney also provides case consultation on human trafficking cases throughout the County and provides trauma-focused mental health counseling to survivors if requested.

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Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force

Give Way to Freedom is appointed to the Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force — a group that advances how the State handles cases and established an ever-evolving protocol for victim services. Our Rapid Response Support System plays a vital role. The Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force prioritizes trainings for professionals from the wide variety of disciplines that may encounter human trafficking.

Give Way to Freedom Director Edith Klimoski co-chairs the Training & Outreach Committee and sits on the multi-disciplinary Labor Committee.

Timeline: Give Way to Freedom’s Role in the Dutches County Task Force


Give Way to Freedom was a key partner in the creation, distribution, and analysis of the Dutchess County 2015 Human Trafficking Service Provider Survey.


In 2016, Give Way to Freedom collaborated with The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie to create a trauma-informed youth screening tool.


In 2018, Give Way to Freedom provided training to over 450 people in Dutchess County: introductory trainings to 165 providers, community-level training to 109 individuals, and more in-depth skill-building trainings to 182 professionals.


Give Way to Freedom was awarded the safe harbor contract funding by the Dutchess County Department of Community and Family Services to organize & facilitate trainings.