Vermont Rapid Response Support System


Give Way to Freedom developed and runs an independent and robust crisis response system for adults in Vermont. RRSS aids potential victims during the initial 48-72 hours of disclosure of trafficking or suspicion of a human trafficking case.

RRSS ensures that victims and potential victims of human trafficking receive support tailored to their needs at the earliest possible point. The system provides immediate support services and allows the individual time to rest and consider the options available to them. RRSS initiates a continuum of support to victims by establishing a baseline of trust between a victim and our facilitator(s) and/ or service providers, ensures the safety and well-being of a victim and enhances the trusted line of victim referral.

Give Way to Freedom’s RRSS facilitators are trained in trauma-informed support and equipped with comprehensive resources to assist individuals in understanding their rights and options as well as connecting with longer-term support services should they wish to do so. Facilitators can also help with case consultation as well as logistical planning for a potential victim and help law enforcement and/or other service providers identify service provision options.

Thus far, we have provided support throughout Vermont, and have also consulted and assisted with cases in Connecticut, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and New York. We have served one hundred thirty survivors the past six years.

If you want to access this Vermont statewide service, within Vermont dial 211 or outside Vermont call the National Human Trafficking Hotline, 1.888.373.7888, and ask to be connected to Vermont 211.

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