Our Mission

Give Way to Freedom’s mission is to support and provide victim care services to the survivors of human trafficking, advocate for optimal comprehensive care for victims, and educate in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of human trafficking.

We work with other charities and organizations to provide safe and supportive environments where victims of trafficking can receive services and the support and advocacy needed to re-enter mainstream society in a healthy and productive way. Our projects are culturally relevant to the specific communities they serve.

We are an efficient, dynamic and practical organization partnering with like-minded groups within the United States as well as other parts of the world. These associations foster long-term relationships which maximize our projects’ success rates.

We provide training and outreach programs to victim service providers, social workers, law enforcement, the medical and legal communities, service organizations, secondary schools, universities and colleges. We enhance victim care services such as safe housing, physical and mental healthcare and access to education and vocational training.

Give Way to Freedom strategizes for its work by participating in several notable conferences and symposiums each year, either by our president being a speaker or a panel member, assisting in organizing the event, or simply attending. Through engagement and collaboration with other non-profit organizations, federal & state victim services agencies, and federal & state law enforcement our work remains on the forefront.


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