HEAL Trafficking: Health, Education, Advocacy, Linkage

HEAL Trafficking is an integrated network of over 4,000 survivors and multidisciplinary professionals in 50 countries dedicated to ending human trafficking and supporting its survivors, from a health perspective. 

Give Way to Freedom is fully committed to the work of addressing human trafficking via the healthcare frontline. HEAL has been pivotal in providing a wide variety of tailored trainings to the various sectors of healthcare professionals. We have co-trained on many occasions, and we assist each other with casting broader nets throughout the field.

Our partnership with HEAL lead us to develop with them a valuable educational tool for recognizing and providing care to labor trafficking survivors which are sometimes more overlooked.

Making A Difference: Healthcare & Labor Trafficking

As part of our mission to HEAL the world of trafficking, we’ve co-produced this brand new educational video on labor trafficking that details survivor interactions with health care professionals during their trafficking experiences and how these encounters helped save their lives.

The film, sponsored by Give Way to Freedom and Lush, will serve as a teaching tool for health care, public health, and anti-trafficking organizations and workers while also raising awareness about labor trafficking.