Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition (BAATC)

BAATC’s mission is to equip frontline industries with the context and tools they need so the criminal business of human trafficking is disrupted and victims are provided services and care. BAATC’s nonprofit team of leaders and subject matter experts have been working at mitigating human trafficking since 2008. Our roles as consultants & protocols specialists take the onus off you by providing you a menu of options to tailor training, awareness, response protocols, signage, and messaging.

Give Way to Freedom partner Erin Albright of New Frameworks is proud to have been a team member of BAATC since 2021.

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Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition

“Give Way to Freedom’s long-standing emphasis on being victim-centered and trauma-informed aided BAATC in successfully scaling our Airport Initiative to reach airport employees coast to coast, and sensitively train them to recognize and report trafficking where they work.”

— Betty Ann H., Founder of BAATC and Airport Initiative