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Professional Partnerships


Give Way to Freedom has trained over 10,000 people on a wide range of topics and we have developed a robust menu of options. Our team’s background and experience enable us to work with both community and professional audiences, and we tailor each training to meet the group’s individual needs as well as make the training geographically appropriate.

Direct Services

Give Way to Freedom developed and runs an independent and robust crisis response system for adults in Vermont. Vermont Rapid Response Support System aids potential victims during the initial 48-72 hours of disclosure of trafficking or suspicion of a human trafficking case.

Message Development

Human trafficking messaging can be tricky. Over the past decade we have learned a lot, especially from survivors, on how to get information across without sensationalizing events or causing harm. Whether you need a poster, are working on social media, or trying to communicate a response protocol, we can assist you with your content.

Protocol Development

Give Way to Freedom researches and dialogues with stakeholders from various and relevant disciplines to help build a simple response protocol for any jurisdiction required – airports, counties, states, and cities. In most cases, we help create a one-pager that can be easily referenced and distributed, and we often transform these documents into posters or palm cards as well.


Give Way to Freedom has been deeply involved in the tremendous evolution of the anti-trafficking field. We offer historical context, current expertise on both national and international levels, a trauma-informed approach, and practicality to organizations, companies, task forces and communities who want to join the effort. Our work seeks to make improvements in any area including victim services, facilitation of teamwork, law enforcement response, mental health clinics, substance use disorder facilities, and more.


Give Way to Freedom partners with many community and advocacy groups to provide grants that support the anti-trafficking movement.

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