Human Rights Law is important to anti-human trafficking work. Our intern Gabby Alexandrescu writes about being inspired to pursue law school with a focus on human rights law –

One thing I have really appreciated throughout this internship is Edith’s understanding and empathy toward my experiences as a full-time student with two internships and a job. I’m hoping to start law school this next year to study International Human Rights Law. Interestingly enough, I owe a lot of that decision to my work with Edith and Give Way to Freedom.

Last winter, I decided I wanted to go to law school, I just wasn’t sure exactly what for. I have always had a passion for community service, causes larger than myself as well as international relations. While watching the “My Next Guest Doesn’t Need an Introduction” show on Netflix, David Letterman and George Clooney started talking about Amal Clooney and her work as an international human rights lawyer. It was right then and there that I realized that there really was a career that existed perfectly in-line with my interests! The more I researched, the more I learned about the things that an international human rights lawyer can do.

This summer, I started working with Give Way to Freedom and learned so much about Human Trafficking. Human trafficking is a big piece of international human rights law, and a topic I could really hone in on in my career. Through talking to Edith and learning about her passion for doing something larger than herself, it really helped me to gear myself more and more toward the idea of focusing on human trafficking during my international human rights studies. I have learned so much about the way it works, the systems in place that work to prevent it but also the systems which enable it. I feel confident that I could do meaningful work in my career if I focused on human trafficking.