Give Way to Freedom has been a part of the Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force since its inception. There has been a lot of progress made through the years and Give Way to Freedom has been one of the many stakeholders at the table working collaboratively on many issues including victim services, response protocols and training & awareness.

Now that the Task Force is federally funded through a collaborative agreement, there are three professional staffers who keep the momentum going. Covid-19 has changed many things for us all, but the Task Force has not been waylayed.

Just in the past few weeks the Training and Outreach Subcommittee has met via Zoom, there was a logo and website design meeting, and a Labor Subcommittee meeting, of course also via Zoom. On Friday, there is a robust agenda for the Steering Committee meeting. We are extremely grateful and happy that our Vermont Task Force work is a successful arm within Give Way to Freedom’s mission – advocacy, care and empowerment for trafficked persons.