Vermont, USA | 2015 – 2021

Give Way to Freedom continues to support the work of the Mosaic in Barre, Vermont. Our 2019 grant allows for the continuation of the vital position of a dedicated full-time case manager. The case manager provides support services to trafficking survivors and also tracks data. Our funding helps Mosaic to provide safe, confidential, and rehabilitative shelter for male, female and transgender adults with their accompanying minor children.

Our Work with Mosaic

Mosaic is a Vermont based non–profit organization that provides advocacy and shelter to male and female victims of sexual violence. The services include emotional support, a 24-hour emergency hotline, legal advocacy, multi-language communication system, translation tools, and emergency fulltime shelter for up to 60 days. For over 10 years, Mosaic has been serving both male and female survivors who have experienced a variety of abuse, including sexual assault, incest, human trafficking, stalking, and pornography. Mosaic operates using survivor-centered methods, both meeting survivors where they are at and collaboratively setting survivor-led goals and plans with compassionate guidance from the Mosaic advocates.

GWTF and Mosaic have partnered to address the additional needs of human trafficking victims who often require longer shelter stays, additional security, and extensive case management. Funds from GWTF were used in 2013 to restructure the shelter space and add a state–of–the–art 24-hour security monitoring system. Specifically, the restructuring included the creation of additional housing so that Mosaic can now house up to 6 victims at a time, offer two separate living environments for victims of sexual assault and sex trafficking, and offer trafficking victims the option for longer stays.

In 2013, Give Way to Freedom and Social Action for Women partnered to enhance the level of security and services currently being provided by Social Action for Women so as to meet the unique and often more in-depth needs of both male and female human trafficking survivors.

Our work with Social Action for Women includes safe, confidential, and rehabilitative shelter for:

  • male, female and transgender adults
  • adults with their accompanying minor children
  • clients with disabilities
  • clients maintaining recovery from substance abuse
  • non-English speaking clients

Immediate emergency support such as shelter, food, clothing, access to medical care, referrals to mental health providers specializing in trauma treatment and referrals to legal services, longer-term case management, and support to help clients:

  • access vocational counseling, job training programs, GED programs
  • access affordable housing programs
  • access life skills training targeted to client-specific needs
  • assistance with budgeting, shopping, and long-term financial planning



MOSAIC bedroom