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Give Way to Freedom has trained over 7000 people on a wide range of topics and we have developed a robust menu of options. Our team’s background and experience enables us to work with both community and professional audiences, and we tailor each training to meet the group’s individual needs as well as make the training geographically appropriate. Together we have experience in the victim services, mental health, legal, law enforcement, policy, capacity building and task force facilitation. Give Way to Freedom has received federal, state, county, and private donation monies to provide these trainings.

Upcoming Training

LETTAC Webinar Series

A Three Part Webinar Series sponsored by Law Enforcement Training and Technical Assistance Consortium (LETTAC)

2020 Human Trafficking: Combatting the Myths & Staying Safe in a Remote World

Trainings at Give Way To Freedom

2018 — A Comprehensive Introduction to Human Trafficking Adobe Acrobat Download

Give Way to Freedom is the State Lead for Vermont within the New England Coalition Against Trafficking (NECAT) which enhances our abilities to collaborate with other agencies throughout New England, stay informed on the latest research, develop even broader menus of specialized trainings, and access other experts for our speakers’ bureau.

Give Way to Freedom has been awarded, in 2019 as well as in 2018 & 2017, the safe harbor contract funding by the Dutchess County, NY Department of Community and Family Services to organize and facilitate trainings. In 2018, GWTF provided training to over 450 people in Dutchess County: introductory trainings to 165 providers, community-level training to 109 individuals, and more in-depth skill-building trainings to 182 professionals.


Some examples of our trainings are:

  • Hiding in Plain Sight — Introduction to Human Trafficking (tailored to the audience and geographic location)
  • Labor trafficking: Identification and Response for Investigators
  • Rapid Response Support System: building a comprehensive response
  • Confidentiality and information sharing in multidisciplinary teams
  • Collaboration, confidentiality, information sharing, and Multidisciplinary Team Building
  • Human Trafficking: shedding light on a complex issue — a focus on the impact of psychological coercion and trauma and the complexity of survivor recovery


Some examples of the groups/ organizations we train:

  • Law Enforcement, local, state and federal
  • Healthcare providers — ED staff, healthcare clinics
  • Social Service providers
  • Department of children and family services staff and contracted partner agencies
  • Corrections, probation, and parole
  • Attorneys
  • Community members
  • Faith-based groups
  • Task Forces
  • Hotline Staff, including Family Services and Vermont 211
  • University & College professors and students
  • High School teachers, staff and students
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