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Give Way to Freedom provided three years of leadership and technical assistance to what is now the New Hampshire Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force. Give Way to Freedom helped build what started with interested and dedicated but not interconnected individuals, into a robust group that was able to secure a large federal grant to continue their work.

The Collaborative will develop and implement a multidisciplinary response to human trafficking in New Hampshire that is:

  • coordinated and collaborative,
  • victim-centered, and
  • trauma-informed.

The Collaborative is comprised of law enforcement, service providers, attorneys, state agencies, and other community stakeholders working together for the purpose of improving the statewide response to human trafficking.

Give Way to Freedom assisted in guiding the group to adopting the fundamental principles of understanding that human trafficking impacts vulnerable people and populations, and any true response must include support to prevent and address a vulnerability in whatever form it may take.


  • Human trafficking – both sex and labor – happens in New Hampshire.
  • Human trafficking impacts all genders, ages, and nationalities, and our response, including investigation, prosecution, services, training, and awareness must be inclusive.
  • Collaboration is essential for success.
  • Effective investigations, prosecutions, and services are victim-centered and trauma-informed.
  • Preventing and responding to human trafficking requires a thoughtful and long-term approach, with policies and actions informed by data and experience.
  • Audiences should be empowered with concrete ways they can be part of the response in their personal and/or professional capacity.


The Collaborative Partners represent a diverse group of stakeholders committed to sharing their experience and expertise. With the implementation of the three-year plan under their federal grant, the Collaborative will continue to engage and grow its membership in order to develop the best response and supports.

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